I love nail art!
...Sorry, I just had to get that out!


I started doing nail art about 18 years ago using nail polish for the designs, Then, I decided to take nail tech classes and learn the whole thing!  Back then, all we did was take a one night a week class for 6 weeks to do nails.  I was lucky since, a few years later, I was grandfathered in when the state decided to license all techs.  I took many classes to further what I didn't learn in the class.

I have always done art of any kind, I even met my husband in 9th grade art class!

Besides nail art, I've airbrushed tattoos & Halloween make-up, painted murals on walls in houses, front windows of businesses, designed tattoos, painted seasonal mailbox magnets, wooden toys, slate door signs, t-shirts, you name it, I'll paint it!!

In these pages you can see some of the things I've done.  As I take the pictures, I'll post them.

In 2004, for the first time, I decided to enter a nail art contest in Nails Magazine.  It was a mural contest. I sent in 5 murals and I tied for first with one and honorable mention for 3 more. On my first try!

After that I was contacted by the magazine to submit Christmas designs.  A few months later, I was contacted again to do a short article on nail art!!  My dream!!  The article was about nail art and how not to make yourself crazy with it.   Remember, it's only paint!!

In 2005 I entered the mural contest again.  I was an honorable mention for two of the four submissions.

Before Christmas, 2005 I was contacted again by Nails Magazine to enter a new competition they were having.  They called this one "The Iron Chef of Nail Art" .  Of course, I was intrigued since my family loves the show "Iron  chef" on the Food Network.

Ten techs, including myself, were chosen from around the world to design five nails using only the ten items sent to us.  I received everything a few days before Christmas.  The editor needed them in her hands by January 2 or they couldn't be used.  Besides the fact that it was Christmas and the post office was closed as much as it was open that week, the salon I work in was moving to a new location on December 26 and we were opening on December 30! 

I waited, for what seemed like forever, until I received the magazine in the middle of February!  I was disappointed that I hadn't been contacted about it.  I opened up the magazine, only to see my nail designs on the main page for the contest.  They said there were no winners, but I was happy about where mine were placed.

Right after that, I was contacted, yet again, to submit nail art.  This time, it was to design, in five stages, how to do 3-D nail art, since that's what I seem to do a lot of.

The positive outcome of my dealing with Nails Magazine is the reason for this web site.

All of these are listed on various pages of the gallery.  Enjoy them and look for updates!!